Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please use the Contact Us tab.

1. What does the cremation process entail?
Cremation is the application of intense heat and flame to greatly accelerate the natural decomposition process. The process eliminates all soft tissues leaving behind teeth and skeletal remains. The skeletal remains are further processed into ash resulting in a permanent memorial of your beloved pet. Treasured Paws is the only pet cremation provider in Texas that utilizes the same equipment and procedures that are used for human cremations.

2. How can I be assured that I am receiving my pet’s ashes?
Treasured Paws has invested a tremendous amount of time and capital resources into developing a proprietary tracking system for pets throughout the cremation process. Each pet is assigned a unique bar code when they are picked up for service. This bar code is scanned prior to each step of the aftercare process. All of our cremations are performed individually. Additionally, each pet is assigned a corresponding steel identification tag (number matching their bar code) that remains with them throughout the cremation process and is returned with the ashes.

3. Can you cremate my pet with their bed, blanket or favorite toys?
Yes. We are able to cremate pet’s with their beds, blankets and plush toys. We are not able to include plastic or rubber items in the cremation process. Also, Treasured Paws in not responsible for returning pet collars…these items do not survive the cremation process. If you wish to keep your pet’s collar as a memorial, please request from your veterinarian at the time of euthanasia.

4. Can you divide my pet’s ashes to be returned in multiple urns?
Yes. This is not an uncommon request. Pet’s ashes are often divided to accommodate divorced couples or families with grown children. There is a small additional fee to cover the cost of additional urns.

5. Does Treasured Paws perform cremations for horses?
No. Our crematoriums are not large enough to accommodate a horse. We refer horse owners to South Central Equine (936-931-2907 or www.southcentralequinecrematory.com) located in Waller, Texas. South Central Equine is the only aftercare provider in the Greater Houston area that specializes in the removal and cremation of horses.

6. Can I get a clay paw print?
Yes, we can create a clay paw print for an additional $27.50 fee. We must know in advance if you wish to have this service.  

7. Can Treasured Paws euthanize my elderly pet at home?
No. Only a licensed veterinarian can euthanize pets. The lethal injection is a controlled substance that can only be possessed and administered by a licensed veterinarian. See our page for Link to Home Euthanasia, Lap of Love Houston.  Lap of Love can euthanize in your home and arrange cremation with us for you.

8. How long do your services take?
Pet’s ashes are returned to your veterinary clinic within four business days. The only exception is if a specialty urn or clay paw print is purchased. We do not keep specialty urns in stock as most are custom engraved. Depending on the manufacturer, we typically get them delivered between a week to ten days. Clay paws also require additional time.
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